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12 packable items to maximize your beach vacation fun!

It's that time of year again. The weather is cooling down (in most parts of the country) and fall activities surround us. October is full of pumpkin patches and school carnivals. Most stores are already getting a jump start on their Christmas displays. The busy Holiday Season is on it's way!

But what happens after the holidays wind down? The novelty of the crisp cool air wears off and you get a bit tired of wearing 5 layers every day. "Was it possible I wore flip flops all summer?" you think to yourself as you shovel your driveway.

That's about the time you start remembering last year's beach vacation...

Didn't we have so much fun? What was the best part? Was it finally getting to read that book by the pool? Was it teaching everyone your favorite card game after a long day at the beach? Remember when we spent allllllll day outside and then cooked out at the grill? Then we went down to the beach to watch the sunset?

'Tis the season to start planning your next beach vacation!

Some of our best memories as a family are being made at the beach house and we're always looking for more fun! We already have those little things that we do "every time we go to the beach." For us it's making sand pizzas (it's a thing...) and playing Bocce Ball in the sand.

We also love planning ahead! Soooooo...just in time for The Holidays...grab some stuff you can easily pack in your suitcase! It will give you something to look forward to while you are scraping ice off your windshield this winter...

We are so excited to share some of our favorite beach vacation items with you.

And...we made it easy to snatch them up!

In addition to a photo and description of the item you will also find an Amazon link. Because if there's one thing we love as much as having fun at the beach house, it's shopping online...

1. Tidal Ball - Cool portable beach game

Do you love cornhole but don't want to haul those big heavy boards down to the beach? Then Tidal Ball is your solution and totally packable. "Played anywhere there is sand, TidalBall combines the competition of cornhole, the ease of bocce ball, and the portability of a turkey sandwich." We like their style.

2. Bocce Ball - One of our favorite games ever!

Find out which of your friends and family are competitive maniacs. Bocce Ball is guaranteed to get those competitive juices flowing and is a definite "must have" for any beach vacation.

3. Sand Proof Blanket - Because sand sucks

Do you like the beach but hate the sand? You're not alone. Stay as sand free as possible with this beach mat!

4. Waterproof Mini Portable Speaker - Jams on the Beach

We know you have a lot of choices when choosing your portable speakers. Not all products have 4.5 star reviews with over 1,000 reviews. People love the long battery life and the impressive volume.

5. Sand Coasters - Drinks and Keys

A great accessory to your sand blanket. Great for drinks, your phone or little items you don't want to get lost in your Mary Poppins style beach bag.

6. Beach Bag - Pretzels and Cell Phones

Loving the mesh on this beach bag. No need to bring all the sand home with you! Plus you can see the contents clearly to prevent unnecessary digging.

7. Family Card Games - Kid Friendly Card Fun

Start your toddlers off right, with an appreciation of lively card games. If you're like us, beach vacations aren't just about the water. It's also taking the time to play games together as a family. This kit contains 6 different family friendly card games. Our current favorite is Slap Jack!

8. DOS - Because Uno wasn't awesome enough

Just when you were getting the hang of Uno...here comes Dos. From the makers of Uno, it's the same...but different!

9. Kids Beach Toys - Embrace the sand

Did you know that Treasure Island is Florida's Sand Sculpture Capital? The town hosts the Sanding Ovations Master Cup every year in November. Practice up with this fun and colorful sand play collection!

10. Catch & Toss - Another Game...We Love Games!

If you play this right, you won't spend any time

searching for the ball! This velcro game set is perfect for young kids and the young at heart! Also, super easy to stuff into your carryon.

11. Paddle Ball - Classic

We do love the classics. And how we love chasing after that little tiny ball. Even better when it goes out into the ocean. But seriously, it is very satisfying if you can get a good volley going on with these!

12. Underwater Camera - One of a kind photos

Sure everyone comes home from vacation with pictures of the beach, but does everyone have pictures IN the ocean? These cameras have gotten wayyyyy better over the years so we're bringing this one back!

So...enjoy your winter everyone. When you are ready to get out of the cold, come join us for a game of Dos at sunset!

"Card Game at the Beach," Saturday Evening Post Cover, August 28, 1943

We hope you enjoy our tips and advice!

If you are looking for a vacation rental while visiting the area, consider our property at the highly sought after Lands End complex at the southern most tip of Treasure Island (surrounded by water on 3 sides). We take great pride in maintaining our unit and have it hosted by a hotel quality management company. Visit our rental here.

* Please note that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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